As an educator, August finds enjoyment and fulfillment in teaching. She views teaching as an opportunity not just to teach the flute, but rather to teach life lessons and skills, using flute lessons as the means. Learning musical skills undoubtedly has its own intrinsic value, and it also simultaneously develops skills such as resilience, work ethic, and the physical and emotional awareness of oneself, which are applicable in every part of life. One of her favourite aspects of teaching is the problem solving aspect. No two students will have the same needs, or the same challenges that need to be addressed. The challenge that August enjoys is finding a way to reframe her student's challenges to put them in a context will make sense to them. This is often through a metaphor about something the student knows well, such as hockey, ballet, or math!

August's primary goal as a teacher is to foster a life-long enjoyment and appreciation of music in her students, regardless of age. She finds a balance in lessons between the technical skills that need to be learned, and their current music interests. A pop song you hear on the radio may seem far removed from the flute, but can easily be integrated into a lesson, making that lesson all the more relevant and fun for the student. She offers preparation for RCM exams, festival performances, school band prep, and just for fun, as well as lessons in basic theory and harmony.

August regularly teaches flute clinics for band programs around Calgary and Area. She maintains a private teaching studio, and teaches in-home lessons as well. In pursuit of further teaching opportunities, August will begin the two year Bachelor of Education program at the University of Calgary in September 2017. 

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